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Exquisitely Tuned

The Windstrument

To the Power of You

The Windstrument™ wind turbine was developed for both residential use and utility scale projects including entire communities, neighborhoods or agricultural groups coming together on a project basis to generate power. The rooftop or pole mounted Windstrument™ is an affordable, quiet and powerful, bird safe, scalable wind turbine system



You can start with one Windstrument turbine and add more turbines per pole, and more poles as your power needs grow- without the cost, time or materials waste of major construction. We call multiple Windstrument configurations WindOrchards. Locally, the benefits would be the capability to easily generate power and have off-grid emergency power for any neighborhood.



Because of the unique wind turbulence smoothing capability of the blades, the Windstrument is an ‘urban tolerant’ wind turbine that can be deployed in turbulent wind areas and at lower altitudes than other small turbines.


Windstrument can be retrofit to any utility pole, unused utility poles, or retrofit to other wind turbine poles. Windstrument blades are made of rugged, recyclable plastics that can be replaced easily and intexpensively.


is critical to our business model. Once in production we will have the capability to manufacture several thousand turbines a month from one, small manufacturing operation. Future goals include expanding manufacturing of the Windstrument worldwide, especially in areas of critical need of economic development and energy.


The Windstrument was extensively tested at Detroit test grounds wind tunnel, one of the best facilities in the United States, used by the big three auto manufacturers, MIT and Boeing. The Windstrument was also field tested for over two years in the rugged high deserts of Nevada and California.

Featured In

  • Scientific American
  • Discovery Channel’s Treehugger
  • Editor’s Pick in Fast Company
  • Peak Luxury Magazine
  • Inhabitat Magazine

The Big Guns

Our goal is the revenue-positive production of a wind turbine for everyone, deployable in nearly any location, of optimal design, safe for human habitation and wildlife – that anyone can afford.

Our philosophy is all inclusive. We will generate power and generate jobs and economic development wherever the Windstrument is deployed. Our goal is to create a new paradigm in the economic and social realm whereby energy is the lynchpin to local growth.

To use best practices in materials and manufacturing to make as small an environmental footprint as possible in the development of a truly affordable wind energy system that is powerful and safe.

The Windstrument Essentials:

Captures a higher amount of potential wind energy per diameter of swept area

Operates at slower RPM with higher load-to-torque conversion for harnessing a broader range of wind velocities.

Made of durable, ultra-light materials which have established outdoor lifespans in excess of 25 years.

Silent operation with little or no vibrations.

Shape is easily visible and non-Lethal to birds.

Higher aesthetic design value for public areas.

Lightweight materials that lower shipping costs substantially.

Self-Directing Blade design that allows energy production in turbulent wind conditions.

Easy installation that requires no significant changes to existing support structures.

Easily Affordable

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