History of the Windstrument- Humble Beginnings

In 2006 Windstruments developer was asked if he had ever thought of developing or inventing a wind turbine. He had, and already had a pretty good idea that had seeded itself in the 1980's and blossomed by the late 1990's. The design of the Windstrument came from the developers experience sailing the Pacific and Atlantic coasts on an Americas Cup ship. 

 The ultimate blade design derives in part from ship sail technology. 

At an expression of outside interest the wind turbine idea turned into a drawing - then a CAD and 3d model - then a prototype was hand-built and placed on a 50ft tower with a recording anemometer in the wilderness of Nevada. All by late 2007.

That prototype ran for over 2 years - without incident, bird injury or breakage in harsh conditions found only in high desert country near Nevadas Sierra range.

We did initial testing at Indian Springs, NV and then on a few acres outside of Fallon, NV at a very isolated spot on the Carson river. Later we moved over to the Northern Nevada valleys at the base of the High Sierras near Reno.

A funny encounter
We stayed very low profile, trying to keep things hush-hush while field testing. Consequently no one ever came to the Carson River acreage without an invitation.

One fall day in 2008 we were doing readings on the prototype when a strange car came down the gravel road. A very excited couple jumped out of the car, asking, "Where did you get that wind turbine?" We were a little stunned, to say the least, but after a few moments of confusion proceeded to explain that we were prototyping a new wind turbine. They said they really didn't care and the gentleman pulled out his wallet and offered to buy it- right off the tower. Then they wanted the tower too. They were almost comedically insistent.

As it turned out, while house hunting that day they had passed several small wind turbines, and they told us "Yours is the only one we have seen all morning that is turning. And it's beautiful." After we got over our shock we took their information and assured them we would let them know when they were on the market. 

The first mold was cut in Detroit, then the resulting turbine was extensively tested in the Detroit proving grounds (Jacobs) wind tunnel - the favored test facility of Boeing, MIT and U.S. and foreign auto makers. We did every test they offered - and the results met or beat all of our expectations. We also continued to field test and those test results are nearly identical to the wind tunnel tests.

South Africa Wind Energy Conference, 2010

We wanted to attend a show in South Africa because of the horrific energy problems Africa faces. South Africa, along the coast, is a perfect area for wind power generation, but they have very strict rules regarding tower heights, bird kill, etc.
While we were there several news organizations approached us for interviews. When asked why they came to our booth in particular they replied that Hermann Olesner, head of the South Africa Wind organization directed them there as, "Windstrument is the most promising and innovative wind technology at the show."

 As of July 4th, 2012 The Windstrument is fully Patented; with all 11 Claims from the original patent application green-lighted by the US Patent Office. 

Production goals
Our goal in production has always been to create a wind turbine for everyone, that works, is safe and that anyone can afford. 

If you are interested in renewable energy, innovation, new technologies or investment opportunities,  Contact us today.

Image, Left: Hand built prototype - High Desert Nevada near a wetlands habitat: Fall, 2008
Image, Right: African Wind Energy show, 2010.




South Africa Wind Power Conference 2010

Local news organizations were sent to our booth when asked by the President of the South African Wind Power association -

"What is the most promising technology at the convention this year?"

Herman Olesner referred to the Windstrument as the most exciting and promising wind technology at the conference. 

We look forward to assisting Africa with it's incredible energy needs.

 Toronto Aboriginal Business Conference - 2010

We had a wonderful time in Toronto and are working with the great contacts we made there. 

Toronto - we have a lot of business to do.